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Individual Basketball Fitness
If you want to optimise your skills and take your gameplay to the next level, our private
1-on-1 training sessions are for you. Private training allows each player: To develop based on their abilities and skillset to learn via a personalised and systematic training curriculum with customised off day workouts specific skill training by position, strength and weaknesses.
St Johns Rugby Firsts
GDC has tailored sport specific programs for preseason for athletes. The system is designed to assist athletes to prepare at home with limited equipment and time. 
The main focus of the program is to improve total body fitness and promote weight loss, while having fun outdoors. Each session (45-60 minutes) is designed for all ages and levels and we have wide a range of fitness levels from the not so fit, to the very fit!
Sunshine Coast QBL Womens Basketball
GDC worked with coaching staff to design an online and face to face fitness program to assist with training and tracking.
Vertical Leap Program
GDC has designed a vertical leap online program for athletes who want the edge in their sport.
Online Training Programs

1. Personal Training

2. Corparate Fitness

3. Team-Building Fitness

4. Family Bootcamp

5. Specialised Fitness

6.  Beach Fitness

7. School Group Fitness

8. Sporting Team Fitness

For more information please contact us direct.

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