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Leadership Workshop

GDC Fitness knows the qualities and skills needed to become or enhance leadership.

Gavin has developed a course which will highlight and enhance leadership qualities at the highest standard.

Active Train The Trainer

GDC Fitness  hands on practical approach will put you through your paces, as you will take part in games and activities during the workshop.

GDC Fitness we guarantee to provide you with a world of exciting knowledge to train and educate young children of all ages.

First Aid

The Senior First Aid training course will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to provide first aid treatment for a wide range of emergencies until the arrival of professional medical help.

GDC Fitness Management is flexible and will come to your workplace.

Professional Development

GDC Fitness has a wealth of experience in developing and facilitating workshops and courses.

The experience has now transferred to develop courses to cater for corporate businesses, individuals and Government and Private schools.

Alcohol & Night Club Awareness

GDC Fitness  is fully aware of youths of today not being educated in the world of entering a night club/pub scene. The Night Club Awareness Program was developed to assist with with students leaving school with an understanding of what to expect when they start entering the world of nightclubs, pubs and alcohol.

Triple Threat Self Defence System

Triple Threat System has become popular amongst high schools throughout Brisbane for both boys and girls due to the fact that we are not teaching martial arts, but rather a practical approach to personal safety with an emphasis on READ, REACT, RESPOND and defusing potentially dangerous situations.

Goal Setting Workshop
GDC Fitness Goal Setting shows the most basic and essential skills needed to reach your full potential and be prepared to overcome obstacles on the way. We touch on goal characteristics, time management, and what to do when setbacks occur. This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills your participants need to complete more tasks, and get things done. 

GDC Workshops

1. Leadership Workshop

2. Active Train The Trainer

3. First Aid

4. Professional Development

5. Night Club Awareness

6. Triple Threat Defence   

7. Goal Setting 

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