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Sports Performance

Train Using The Ball Of The Future

The DribbleUp Smart Basketball + app takes your game to the next level with interactive training.

The ball has been specially designed for tracking, crafted with an embedded optical marker for tracking.

The app provides interactive training with a virtual coach that guides you through interactive drill videos and grades you based on your performance.

Game Quality

Regulation size and weight basketball with a microfiber composite skin perfect for indoor & outdoor use.

Embedded Optical Marker

Used for patented live ball tracking technology in the DribbleUp App.

No Batteries Required

The ball is specially designed with an embedded optical tracker. There’s no batteries and no need to charge.

Graded Results

Receive graded feedback on your performance after every training session.

Virtual Coach

Follow proven interactive workouts with a virtual coach, with live audio feedback pushing you to go harder.

Live Dribble Speed Meter

Watch your speed change live, with the meter measuring dribble speed in dribbles per second.

Smart Basketball
GDC Fitness is an Australian supplier for the latest Smart Basketball. The DribbleUp Program will develop your basketball skills and also it will give you a report card to measure your progress.
If you would like to order a DribbleUp Basketball please contact us.
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