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GDC Fitness Basketball Coach Mentoring Program

Coaching and managing people is often acknowledged as one of the most important skills to develop in becoming an excellent coach. Whilst coaching certifications and seminars teach technical and tactical skills, training exercises, and even sometimes touch on mental skills; how much time is spent on developing man management skills?

Great coaching extends beyond the technical and tactical, and into understanding how athletes generally respond under pressure but even more so as to how the individual responds.

We have developed a Specialist Basketball Coach Mentoring Program within Club and Schools. We have a practical approach where we will guide you through the experience of becoming a Basketball Coach.

We will assist you in gaining your Level 1 Coaching Qualification. You will also get continual support and resources to allow you to gain knowledge and experience. We also have avenues to assist and get your coaching hours in real competition. This is a specialised program with hands on approach to basketball coaching.

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